• Tropical-Retreat-Rear-Deck
  • Tropical-Retreat-Kitchen
  • Tropical-Retreat-Bedroom
  • Tropical-Retreat-Bathroom2
  • Tropical Retreat-Rear-Garden
  • Tropical Retreat-Lounge
  • Tropical Retreat-Facade
  • Tropical Retreat-Bathroom

One of our bigger projects – a renovation that involved the transformation of a tired and rundown ‘shabby chic’ cottage to a stunning ‘tropical coastal retreat’. The main challenge was a large and imposing timber spiral staircase which took up valuable space and cut the downstairs and upstairs living spaces in half. To address this significant floorplan challenge, an extension was built to the side of the house allowing for a new staircase and a large kitchen to be built. The existing kitchen gave way to a guest bedroom which meant the old guest bedroom could be utilised as a large master bathroom. A double carport was constructed at the front of the house which had the dual purpose of providing privacy from a relatively busy street as well as creating an internal front courtyard.  Due to space constraints, the carport had to be built close to the front of the house and so a vertical garden was built on the rear wall of the carport resulting in a wall of greenery viewed from the living area and a restful, secluded front courtyard.  In keeping with the theme, a neutral colour palette was chosen utilising Dulux half-strength Dieskau on the walls and lime washed oak flooring.

House featured on the cover of House & Garden magazine, December 2015 with the current owners.