There are several strategies to optimise the value of your property.  You may already own a property and would like to understand how it could be optimised to create additional equity in the home and greater tenant appeal, or perhaps you’re a hands on investor who wants our buyers agents in Sydney to help you search for a property where there is the potential to add significant value.

Together with a network of professionals, we help our clients to optimise their investments through:

  • Renovation design/floor plan optimisation to increase property value and tenant appeal and
  • Identify properties with land that may be suitable for secondary dwelling/dual occupancy to significantly increase yield.

Check out some of our recent projects that we have designed and coordinated.

Markus is an interior designer and coordinates all our value-add projects from a design and feasibility perspective, partnering with a trusted team of qualified specialists and trades.  He can be contacted online now, by phone on 0412 068 167 or on email at